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About Flavouring

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December 12, 2015

Aromas are found everywhere in what you eat and drink - they are used to add or change the taste and odor of food, ranging from sweets and soft drinks to cereals, cakes and yogurts.

Aromas, or flavoring agents as they are called in the English language, may occur naturally in nature or be produced in a laboratory. Sometimes a flavoring agent could be made from either natural or artificial sources — the resulting molecule is the same, but the route to making it can be different.

The compound vanillin, for example, is responsible for the flavor and smell of vanilla. In nature, vanillin comes from an orchid native to Mexico. The process of extracting this pure, natural chemical is extremely lengthy and expensive. So scientists found a way to make a synthetic version of vanillin in a lab. Another example is that both benzaldehyde (almond flavor) and ethyl butyrate (pineapple flavor) may be synthesized in the laboratory, but is also naturally occurring.

Not only can producing them in a laboratory be less lengthy, it can also be more eco-friendly as well, since it doesn't require growing fields of food first.

In Norway, the law distinguishes between these different sources of aromas by labeling them differently. The Norwegian Food and Safety Authority’s regulations (Mattilsynet) distinguishes between what is defined as natural flavor (naturlig aroma) and whats simply called flavorings (aromastoffer). For an aroma to be labeled ‘natural’, its aroma giving components must be solely (or at least 95%) of natural origin. The remaining 5% shall also be from natural sources. So while natural aromatic substances (naturlig aroma) are defined as substances that occur naturally and have been identified in nature, what’s defined as flavorings (aromastoffer) are the counterpart but synthesized in a laboratory.

In our case, our aroma Blueberry+ is a natural aroma, while the three other aromas Peach, Lemon and Mango are labeled ‘aroma’.

All of the flavoring used in our waterwell beverages are produced by the Norwegian company Storms, and in correspondence with current food safety regulations. Storms AS’s specialty is producing flavor and aroma for beverages, and have been doing so for nearly 120 years. They have picked out the best ingredients to produce our beverages with, and the result is the carefully chosen selection of flavors.

Out of regard to competitive advantages, we do not wish to disclose the the individual components of our aromas - in full correspondence with food safety regulations. For flavoring used in foodstuffs intended for the end consumer, it is not a requirement to label these individual components, unless they contain allergens. So these are most often described simply as “aroma”. To the best of our knowledge none of our products contains any allergens, and none of the ingredients used are from genetically modified sources or animal sources.

To the best of our knowledge none of our products contains any allergens. To the best of our knowledge none of the ingredients used in this product are from genetically modified sources or animal sources. Our aromas are made by the Norwegian company Storms.

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