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Our goal

We are a 100 % Norwegian company that consists of a tight knit hard working team trying to make the world a better place for all.

  • Make water your preferred drink.
  • Reduce the need for plastic.
  • Reduce the need for transport.
  • A better environment.

Being a startup our company is small and dynamic and we believe that if you give us a try you will not only love the way Waterwell works for you and your colleagues, you will also be telling all your clients, partners and friends about it!.

Contact us

We are here for you so do not hesitate to reach out:


Where are we?

Our office is situated on the harbor front in Drammen, and we have our main focus on the main markets around the Norwegian capital. Our product is unique as it offers over 30 different drink options, all of them water. Yeah, we know, how is that possible?. Well we have figured that most people dont drink enough water because there are not any viable options available other than buying brand carbonated water bottles from the store or a vending machine. Plastic, transport, bottle returns are just a few of the environmental negatives that arise from this.

The product

Our product uses your water source, it gets filtered to become absolutely pure, and then it gets chilled before we add the taste and supplement of your choice.

Want more energy? Then add a boost of caffeine (same as regular coffee). Need a vitamin boost? Then add our shot of vitamin multiblend to supplement your diet. Maybe you just want a better tasting fresher water drink? Just add one of our flavours and there you have it! Over 30 combinations ready in less than 15 seconds.