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Ekspedisjon Grønnpolen – The Green Pole Expedition

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February 1, 2016

A few months ago, the waterwell team invited the Bergen chapter of Changemaker to our office to learn more about their current project to fight climate change. We really like how they work, and support their quest for a more sustainable environment. Now that our blog page is finally up and running, we'd like to share this post with you, that the chapter leader wrote for us.

Read on to learn about their project "The Green Pole Expedition":

“To embark on an expedition is all about setting goals, preparing and implementing. It's about going where no man has been before. It takes courage, responsibility and determination.

The goal for this expedition has been repeated in countless white papers, in debates, in slogans and in scientific reports: The sustainable society, low-emissions society - call it what you want. We call it Grønnpolen (The Green Pole). At this point we are nowhere close to Grønnpolen, although everyone agrees that it’s where we’re going. We are facing the most important expedition in the history of time, but Norway has packed for a Sunday stroll. Today's climate policy leads us to this question: Have we lost our explorer gene? To reach our goal we have to:

1 - Remove subsidies that makes the petroleum industry artificially large

2 - Invest in the future of green industries in Norway and abroad

Let’s focus on number 2 for a minute. One of the demands in this campaign is that the government should give 1 billion Norwegian kroner to Miljøteknologiordningen (The Environmental Technology Scheme). This scheme is a subsidy for companies that develop environmental technology, to put good ideas into practice. For instance, can Waterwell maybe benefit from this one day – if the government is willing to allocate more money to this scheme. According to the National budget, Miljøteknologiordningen will in 2016 get 134,5 million Norwegian kroner in extra funding, which makes the total amount 464,5 million Norwegian kroner. This is good, but still it’s less than half of what we think they should get. Also, 100 million kroner of this additional funding is scheduled to be removed in 2017. This is only an "emergency solution" against the short-term unemployment, and the intention is not to facilitate a permanent shift towards green jobs. This is a big problem, as it pushes The Green Pole even further away.

We also strongly believe that Norway is in need of a state owned renewable energy company, such as Statoil is in the oil and gas industry. This will create access to venture capital to invest in the right projects in the initial phase. It may be a new state industrial adventure for Norwegian business and an investment in climate, showing the direction for Norway's future development. In addition, we want 5% of the oil fund to be placed in renewable energy and infrastructure. This will be an important signal to the world that we are willing to invest in this technology, and that we take the climate problem seriously.

The climate changes are destroying our Earth. It affects everyone, but the worlds poorest will be hit the hardest. Norway has earned an extreme amount of money in fossil fuels, and that is why we have a great responsibility to take a leadership role in this expedition. Changemaker want with this campaign to show that we are READY for The Green Pole Expedition, that our packing list is SET and that we, you and Norwegian politicians now must find the explorer inside us - and GO! Read more and sign up at”

Julie Emblem Askim, Changemaker Bergen Student

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To read more about "The Green Pole Expedition" check out their web page.

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