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  • I bought a smart bottle, now what?>

    Go to the nearest waterwell™ dispenser and insert your smart-bottle. Follow the instructions on the screen!

  • Where can I use my waterwell™ smart-bottle?>

    To find the nearest dispenser compatible with your smart-bottle, please open the waterwell™ app on your phone and go to “find nearest dispenser” in the menu. It will list all dispensers in your vicinity and guide you to the nearest using your device’s navigation.

  • What is waterwell™?>

    waterwell™ is a Norwegian company founded 2009 with a mission to create a healthy, environmentally sound and simple way to consume beverages. You can find more information about us on our website.

  • My bottle is not working.>

    If you are experiencing any problems with your bottle, please contact support center and we will help you.

  • How do I register my bottle?>

    After buying your first bottle, once you insert it into one of the dispensers it will ask for your phone number. After you type it, you will receive an SMS containing a link. Once you click the link your bottle will be registered. The next step is simply to install the app from the link.

  • How do I fill credits on my bottle?>

    To buy extra credits for your bottle, start by opening the waterwell™ app and go to the bottle you want to recharge. Start payment by either clicking the credit display to the right of the bottle image or in the bottom menu under “fill credits”. From here simply follow instructions on screen.

  • What’s in the waterwell™drinks?>

    Each waterwell™ filling is carefully prepared from purified and chilled water with optional flavor, brand and subtle soda bubbles added. Brands include multivitamins and caffeine. There are no sweeteners or sugar in any of our drinks nor any harmful additives of any kind.

  • What is in Vita Charge?>

    When you select Vita+ brand from the menu, your drink will have a carefully selected mix of multi-vitamins added.

  • My bottle is locked, how do I unlock it?>

    To unlock your bottle, simply start the waterwell™ app and select “unlock” from the menu below the image of your bottle.

  • I’ve lost my bottle. What do I do?>

    If you’ve lost your bottle, head to the app, under “my bottles” you can press “lock bottle”. This will ensure that no one can use you credits if they find your bottle.

  • How does using waterwell™ affect the environment?>

    Every year the production, handling and transportation of plastic bottles wastes between 90 – 160 million barrels of oil. By filling your smart-bottle instead you directly save the environment from this huge strain and source of plastic waste.

  • How do I wash my waterwell™smart-bottle?>

    Your smart-bottle likes to be washed by hand in lukewarm water using only mild soap. Do not wash in dishwasher if you want your bottle to last. If you choose to wash your bottle in the dishwasher this may cause the paint to peel off, the NFC-tag could stop working, and the bottle may start leaking.

  • How do I remove an old bottle from the app?>

    Currently there is no way to remove old bottles from the app without contacting support center. Old unused bottles will automatically disappear after a while.

  • How do I recycle my smart-bottle?>

    When the time comes to recycle your waterwell™smart-bottle, simply return it to any location where smart-bottles are sold. We will collect and make sure bottles get recycled correctly together with our environmental partner.

  • For how long can I use my bottle?>

    When taken care of according to instructions, the bottle is designed to last for years.

  • My bottle is leaking.>

    Your bottle should not be leaking. If you’ve followed waterwell™’s instructions for care and use please contact support center to receive a replacement bottle free of charge.

  • I don’t have NFC, where do I find the code for the bottle?>

    If you are for some reason unable to register by entering your phone number in the dispenser, you may register by entering the code of your bottle manually into the app. You will find the code to use in 14 digits of brownish yellow capital letters at the bottom of the bottle, laser etched onto a small piece of round white plastic.

  • Can someone else use my bottle?>

    The short answer is yes. Since it is not possible to know who is using a bottle, the dispenser will serve drinks as long as the bottle has credits. However if you have misplaced your bottle or suspect someone else is using it, you may lock it using the app. This will prevent anyone to use your bottle until you unlock it again.

  • What is Energy?>

    When you select Energy brand from the menu, your drink will have caffeine added (approx. the same as in ½ cup of coffee).

  • Is there sugar in any of waterwell™’s beverages?>

    There is no sugar or sweeteners in any of waterwell™’s beverages.

  • What are my payment options?>

    When recharging credits to your bottles you may select between card payment or direct phone bill charge. We leave card transaction processing directly to our partner NETS so your card details are never stored in our systems. For more information about payment and privacy see Terms & Conditions.

  • How can I tell how many credits I have left?>

    On the home screen in the app you’ll always see your credits on the right side of the selected bottle.

  • Can I transfer credits to my family and friends?>

    This is currently not supported, however we are working on a new feature called SPLASH™ that will allow you to do this.

  • Can I transfer credits between bottles?>

    This is currently not possible without contacting support center.

  • How can I contact waterwell™?>

    For any inquires or questions you may have, use our support center.