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Villa Skaar is a Miljofyrtaarn cerified company. Before waterwellTM was introduced to the workplace, our staff drank only coffee at work. Now they mostly drink water, which is much healthier and more refreshing. We like how this concept contributes positively to the environment, and will of course include it our annual environmental reports. Our conclusion is that the waterwellTM beverage dispenser is environmentally friendly, user friendly and great for our health.

Richard Skaar Thorsrud

Managing Director

Villa Skaar AS -


I’d never thought that water could be so tasty! What I love about waterwellTM is the variety of taste and that I easily can chose between still and sparkling water. There will be no more expensive supermarket water for me. My personal favorite: Sparkling water with Blueberry flavor.

Stian Leirstein

Sales and marketing

Propuro AS -


WaterwellTM is perfect for the student lifestyle. It's inexpensive, healthy and extremely tasty. Simply a great example of how modern technology can make your life better and help you be more eco-friendly at the same time.




Before waterwellTM, most of us here at the office weren’t drinking much water at all, but instead expensive soft drinks and endless amounts of coffee. Now, with tasty water so readily available, we drink several liters of water every day, and at only a fraction of the cost of soft drinks. We can even add caffeine to the water, and drink tasty caffeinated water when we are tired of coffee. It’s a new and healthier lifestyle!

Andre Angelskar

Partner at Joa Group -