Today, Waterwell has customers within several different segments, such as office environments, fitness centres, the health sector and schools. What they all have in common is that they have employees, members or students who now drink more water and that they contribute to a cleaner world.


Insenti is a specialist company consisting of civil engineers, engineers, craftsmen and economists. Insenti has had Waterwell for several years with good effects on both health and the environment.

As an environmentally conscious company, Waterwell is a natural choice for us. We have many employees and use the dispenser every day and up to 5 times each. With Waterwell, we have cut down on coffee a bit and greatly increased the water intake.

Kristin Lie Fjellberg, Office Manager


FX Fitness Club is more than just a fitness center and focuses on well-being. Waterwell is a natural part of their concept that all members get access to.

«More fitness centers should look at Waterwell because it provides an opportunity for revenue growth, while also making members more satisfied.»

Hasse Hoftvedt, Owner


Villa Skaar has Waterwell in all of its seven nursing homes. Waterwell is an important measure for efficiency and well-being, as well as an important environmental initiative.

«Water is healthy and those who work for us have a demanding job and are on their feet all the time. It is then important to drink enough water. In addition, we are ISO certified for the environment and Waterwell is our most important environmental initiative.»

Richard Skaar Thorsrud, CEO.


Axdata is «Microsoft partner of the year» and creates added value for its customers. Their people are the most important resource and good hydration helps to maximize the mental performance of the employees. Axdata has Waterwell at its three locations in Oslo, Sandefjord and Sarpsborg.

«When we got Waterwell dispensers, we quickly reduced our coffee consumption by 60%. This has had good health effects, which in turn has resulted in reduced sickness absence and employees with higher energy and productivity.»

Christian Hofsøy, HR Manager