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Today we celebrate Earth Day 2024! This year’s theme is something that we at Waterwell are particularly concerned about, namely the fight against plastic. Our vision, «a world without plastic bottles» has been firm since the start, and we try to contribute what we can with our product. The team

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Simple ways to drink more water

Your body is about 70% water, and drinking enough of it is vital for optimal health. Water plays many roles in your body, including maintaining electrolyte balance and blood pressure, lubricating joints, regulating body temperature, and promoting cell health. While everyone knows that it’s important to stay hydrated, doing so

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What is a Waterwell smartbottle?

Waterwell smartbottles are equipped with an NFC tag at the base, ensuring smart communication with Waterwell dispensers. These bottles are thermos bottles that keep your drink cold for over 12 hours. They are also made of stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning. Most importantly, they are environmentally friendly!

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Waterwell in Fitness Centers

With Waterwell, the fitness center can offer a «water subscription» to its members and secure a new source of income. Several fitness centers have adopted this solution and are experiencing increased revenue and happier members. Waterwell solves known challenges with lukewarm water with a poor taste and plastic bottles and

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Waterwell in the workplace

A water dispenser is a gathering point in the workplace and a source to fresh and efficient employees. In offices, a lot of coffee is consumed, which is both expensive and doesn’t provide the desired effect throughout the day. Additionally, the premises are often older with old pipes that result

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