Design your own water

Waterwell consists of smart water dispensers that communicate with the user via SmartBottles. It’s about a completely new way of consuming more life-giving and tasty water – without burdening the environment with unnecessary waste.

Personal SmartBottles communicate wirelessly with Waterwell dispensers for a personalized design of the water. The environmentally friendly thermos bottles are 100% recyclable, come in many colours, keep the drink cold and fresh for a long time and contribute to a cleaner planet.

Design your own water with good flavors and useful additives that provide a drinking experience completely out of the ordinary. Choose from a range of combinations with or without flavour, vitamins, energy and carbonation. Fresh, healthy, tasty and personal.

A healthier, cleaner world

Waterwell in the workplace

Waterwell delivers the best solution for water in the workplace. We offer a tasty, environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to today’s bottled water and soft drinks.

We ensure that your company and your employees have access to ice-cold, filtered water from the local water supply. In addition, the solution provides opportunities for adding flavour, vitamins, energy and carbonation. This is a unique solution for companies that want their employees to drink healthier and cut down on coffee consumption in the workplace. Good hydration helps maximize mental performance and has an important effect on energy levels and brain activity. In addition, Waterwell will contribute to meeting some important sustainability targets.

The ice-cold filtered water is poured directly in recyclable stainless steel SmartBottles. This saves the environment from waste of disposable plastic bottles. The SmartBottles are available in many colours, can be customized with a company logo and even down to personalization with the name of each employee. Waterwell can also be filled in carafes for easy and tasty serving in meeting rooms and to guests. The screen on the dispenser can be used to provide the employees with useful information while filling the bottle with water.

Waterwell when training

Several fitness centers are benefiting from Waterwell. With Waterwell, the fitness center can offer its members a unique water solution and at the same time secure a new source of income.

Members get their own personal SmartBottle and fill up water as often as they like at a centrally located dispenser. They drink cold and fresh water with a flavor of their choice and with the option of adding energy, vitamins and carbonation. Water is essential for training and the best alternative for the body.

The bottles are supplied with a practical sport cap drinking spout for easy use during training. Many fitness centers also utilize the technology in the smart bottles to provide access to the fitness center, unlock lockers, provide access to other wellness services, etc. Stylish bottles with the gym’s logo also contribute to useful exposure.